Rob sent a message to all the Xena fans on Xena’s 25th Anniversary!

Sept 4 1995 marked a new era in television with the launch of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. She boldly went where no woman on television had gone before and opened the door for women as leads in tv series. She launched imitators, fan fiction and a realization that a strong woman leader is often what the world needs.

For me it was a time of personal growth, love, and creatively. I was never more creatively satisfied than working with the XENA team to entertain the audience. Thanks to Lucy, Renee, RJ, Liz, Steve, Eric, Ned and Dan and all the cast and crew that made XENA into something special. And thanks to the audience who found something meaningful in a Saturday afternoon matinee tv show. I take some great delight that fans took Xena and Gabrielle on their own creative journeys to places that a tv show would and could never go. XENA was never merely passive entertainment!