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Starz CEO Talks About Noir at TCA Summer Press Tour

Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht kicked off the network's portion of the TCA Summer Press Tour with updates on its new and returning originals.

Albrecht also gave rough estimates on when audiences can expect its various projects:

-- "Noir": "We ran into some creative challenges on the script side but it is absolutely in our zone. We talk about Steven DeKnight, but Rob Tapert, Josh Donen and Sam Raimi, that whole team of executive producers are terrific, they're terrific partners with Starz. We want to do as many things as we can with them. I have a couple of things with them but 'Noir' is certainly I think the thing that we all see as a must figure out. So we're still getting the scripts together but I'm very confident that 'Noir' will be on but I can't tell you when."

Source: thefutoncritic

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