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Rob Producing New Movie: Scared Of The Dark for 2013 Release

Rob's Ghost House Pictures is producing a new movie called "Scared Of The Dark".

Grudge / Ju-On director Takashi Shimizu will be directing the movie.

David Gallagher was announced last month as taking the lead, with support from Morgane Slemp (Friday Night Lights) and Jake Webber (Dawn Of The Dead). They have been joined by Teruyuki Kagawa (Tormented), and by Yuya Ozeki.

The movie also seems to have a Sin City style "Special Guest Director" in Ring's Hideo Nakata. He'll apparently be "assisting Shimizu in crafting some of the pivotal scare moments".

Shooting starts shortly, while Shimzu's most recent scare-fest, 7500, is out in the States in August.

Plot details are being kept under wraps

Filming will be in Los Angeles, California and Tokyo, Japan

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