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Rob Tapert Producing Poltergeist Remake

Image634712759097022500The Hollywood Reporter has posted news that Poltergeist, the 1982 original movie by Steven Spielberg, is being remade and that Rob Tapert & Sam Raimi are producing along with Nathan Kahane and Roy Lee.

Sam won't be directing the remake and they are in search for a helmer.

David Lindsay-Abaire, is working on the script.

Poltergeist, the original movie was directed by Tobe Hooper and co-written by Steven Spielberg and released on June 4, 1982. The story focuses on the Freeling family, which consists of Steven; Diane; Dana, Robbie and Carol Anne  who live in a California housing development called Cuesta Verde. Their home is eventually invaded by ghosts. The ghosts communicate only with Carol Anne through the family's television set, and are under the control of a demon known as the "Beast." The ghosts, attracted to Carol Anne's life force and believing she will help lead them into the "Light", abduct her through her bedroom closet, which acts as a portal to their dimension. Most of the film involves the efforts to rescue her on the part of her family, a group of parapsychologists and a spiritual medium named Tangina Barrons. Carol Anne is eventually retrieved from the other side and, following a second attack by the Beast that reveals the ghosts had originated from an improperly relocated cemetery underneath the neighborhood, the family flees from the house which caves in on itself and is sucked into another dimension. Once all the family members are in the car, they leave Cuesta Verde.



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