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Starz Puts New Rob Tapert Show Noir On Hold

ImageIt's been quite a few months since we heard anything related to Rob Tapert's new show Noir. It was due to air in "summer of 2012" but after a flurry of news, things went quiet.

There was a Q&A with Chris Albrecht, the Starz CEO and he was asked about Noir:

MCN: What's going on with Noir, a live-action project based on the Japanese anime series about female assassins? That's with the Spartacus team of Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Josh Donen?

CA: The production challenges on that just became sort of enormous, so we've hit the pause button on that. We reworking on that because the team went back to work on Spartacus, about to start shooting season three of Spartacus. We're in a bit of holding pattern on Noir.



What is Noir About?

NOIR follows two female assassins who team up to fight against a secret society during 1960's Paris. After discovering they're mysteriously linked, the two, under the Noir moniker, have to work together until they get answers about why and how they are connected - or until one of them kills the other. Stephen Lightfoot (Criminal Justice) wrote the adaptation and will executive produce the series with Raimi, Tapert, fellow Spartacus exec producer Joshua Donen as well as Bill Hamm.

So that's the latest on Noir. Until there is more news, AUSXIP Noir will also be hold waiting for the news the show will go ahead.

Check out the AUSXIP Noir site that will remain up until the decision is made to go ahead with the series



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