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Steven DeKnight Talks About Rob Tapert and Spartacus Vengeance

Steven is interviewed by Cinema Blend about the soon to premiere Spartacus: Vengeance and mentioned Rob:

And when you're on the set, like in the first episode we see that epic brothel site, were you there on set for that or in, you know, similar instances when you look around and you go, wow. You know, what goes through your head when you see it all come to life?

Sadly on this show, since we shoot in New Zealand and we write the show in Los Angeles, I don't get a chance to be on the set as much as I would like. I love being on the set. Rob Tapert, my producing partner and husband of course to the amazing Lucy Lawless, he spearheads production down in New Zealand and he keeps a magnificent eye on all of that and I just can't say enough good things about Rob. Without him there wouldn't be a Spartacus.

One of the big questions that I have about the show is what do you feel like the evolution of the series has been up to this point? I mean, you talked a bit about kind of the rocky start at the beginning of the series and kind of finding a vision for it. What do you feel like that is now? Steven S. DeKnight: Yes, when we first started off, you know, this was Rob Tapert and Josh Donen and Sam Raimi and I, this was our first foray into premium cable. And, you know, suddenly the shackles were off and I can't speak for my partners, but I think I stripped down naked and ran a little crazy through the streets in the first couple of episodes before I found the right tone.

Writers always say that as they develop a series, they pick up things from the actors and incorporate them into the way they kind of deal with the characters and stuff, so I was wondering if there are any changes or different approaches now that you've switched from (Andy) to Liam.

That's a good question. Actually no. We had a discussion before we started writing this season of should we tailor the show for Liam. And my feeling and Rob and STARZ, we all agreed, was that no, what we should do is write Spartacus as Spartacus and Liam will bring what he brings to it and it will be a different take, but what he says - what Spartacus says and what he does will still be consistent with the Spartacus that we know.

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