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Live Tweeting From Spartacus TCA Panel 07 January 2011 - No Major Spoilers

Live Tweeting from Spartacus_Starz at TCA - these appeared on Twitter about the prequel and Season 2. No major spoilers.

Steven S. DeKnight Exec Prod. says that we have great new ways to kill the gladiators this coming season. We just keep raising the bar. #TCA

RT @JasonDKing: "Who doesn't like backstabbing an intrique," says Steven DeKnight discussing appeal of "Spartacus" at #TCA #CTAM

The most surprising fan of #Spartacus? A minister. Don't know why. Steven S DeKnight isn't pandering to mass market but response is great.

S2 of #Spartacus will be a more expensive show for utilizing "all of the technology out there" (blue screen etc). Visual range expanded #TCA

EP Tapert: Spartacus prequel season "similar to season 1 but the engine is going faster."

Rob Tapert promises only MORE digital sets as they move forward. #spartacus #tca

Lucy Lawless will be back Season 2 - Lucretia is very much alive and will be even more evil. Makes her "pale just thinking about it." #TCA

Someone says he heard show will have gay gladiator. Lucy Lawless says so did last season. Asks if he wasn't paying attn. Ha! #spartacus #TCA

DeKnight says that what Lucretia does in Season 2 will make Season 1 pale by comparison. In other news..LAWLESS WILL RETURN! #Spartacus #TCA

#Spartacus Lucy Lawless says season 2 will show Peter Mensah's range as an actor. John Hannah adds 'and naked.' #TCA #STARZ

Lucy Lawless on how she will survive her "wounds" to return to season 2 of Spartacus: "It was just a little poke in the tummy." #tca #starz

"We basically cut out all the boring parts; we hit the ground running" - Steven S DeKnight on the exciting evolution of #Spartacus #TCA

What is coming down the pike for Lucretia in S2 makes her pale just thinking about it since she already went through so much in S1. #TCA

"There was a gay gladiator last season. You're not paying attention" - Lucy Lawless to a critic who probably doesn't watch the show #TCA

More gay gladiators this season on #Spartacus, confirms EP Steven S DeKnight. #Starz #TCA #CTAM

"It was just a little poke in the tummy," says Lucy Lawless. Her accent makes everything great. #tca

Someone asking if Lucy Lawless or John Hannah will be back in Spartacus Season 2. Someone not remembering last Spratacus panel...

#LucyLawless says S2 will show #PeterMensah's range as an actor. #JohnHannah adds 'and naked.' #Spartacus #TCA #CTAM

"Nothing good came from losing Andy in terms of the guy for that role." - Rob Tapert on #Spartacus S2 #TCA #CTAM

#SPARTACUS Lucy Lawless: doing prequel was great- got to learn about how her character evolved. Batiatus and Lucretia early in love. #TCA

"I don't think there's much hope for John. That's a head in a jar." "It's just a flesh wound!" Lucy jokes #Spartacus #TCA #CTAM

John Hannah says we're going to see Peter Mensah naked and growls seductively. Wants to know why everyone laughs. #spartacus #T

We'll get to see the honeymoon phase for Batiatus and Lucretia in S2 of #Spartacus #Starz #TCA #CTAM

Lucy shares that it was a thrill to be able to go back and fill in bits about her character, like the honeymoon stage of her life #TCA #CTAM

S2 is the same as what was planned for #Spartacus before Andy Whitfield had to bow out permanently. #TCA #CTAM

@LauinLA Dustin Clare is on the panel - super handsome. #Spartacus #Starz #TCA

#Spartacus #GodsoftheArena is up next with Lucy Lawless, John Hannah, et al. #TCA #CTAM

RT @TVTango: No casting news on #SPARTACUS for replacing Andy Whitfield #TCA

RT @afterelton: Starz announces that they are moving ahead with a new season of Spartacus after Gods of the Arena. #spartacus #TCA



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