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OnFilm Magazine Seeker No Longer Sought

ImageThe New Zealand screen industry appears to have lost one of its production mainstays of the past two years, with unconfirmed reports from the US that The Legend of the Seeker has been axed.

The Rob Tapert-Sam Raimi production, which screens Thursday nights on Prime, seems to have been the casualty of declining ratings in the States, prompting one chain of US stations not to continue with the syndicated series.

Seeker’s second season wrapped at the end of last month in Auckland and there was no indication at the wrap party that the crew would be back for a third season. However, it’s been pointed out to Onfilm that this wasn’t necessarily significant, given commissioning of the second season went down to the wire.

If it is the case Seeker hasn’t been picked-up for another season, it’ll be a blow to the local industry. Season two of the television series engaged 360 full-time and casual crew, and about 180 support actors/actresses were cast over the 22 episodes.

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