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Rob Tapert Mentor By Brad Carpenter


Brad Carpenter was Rob's assitant during the filming of Xena and Hercules. On the dot429 site he writes how Rob Tapert was his mentor:

In part he writes:

We all need mentors, whether personal or professional. My first true Producing mentor was Rob Tapert at Renaissance Pictures. Rob never hesitated to answer my questions about how the TV business worked. As Rob’s assistant, I would get to stay on the line during many of his calls so I could take note of things I’d need to follow up on. Sometimes Rob would be getting notes from the Studio about scripts or edits of episodes. It was my first exposure to an essential part of the collaborative process, the give and take between the Studio (the buyer) and the Producer (the supplier). When Rob traveled down to New Zealand to be on set for “Hercules” and “Xena,” he took me with him, and I quickly learned how television production functioned. I was amazed at how many talents were involved in turning out the final product. Happily, those years with Rob yielded many great experiences, including some lasting friendships, a bit of writing, and even an acting role. (Amphion, the peaceful warrior. Cool!)

Thank you Rob Tapert for starting me on my way, and for your blessed friendship all these years.

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