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Rob Mention in Peter Mensah Interview

Peter Mensah (Doctore in Spartacus Blood and Sand) was interviewed for iF Magazine on his role on the show and the season finale (which happened yesterday - click here to read the AUSXIP Spartacus review). He was asked about Rob and this was his answer:

iF: A lot of people in the Sam Raimi/Robert Tapert television production team have been working together since HERCULES and XENA. What’s it like for you coming in and working with such a tight group?

MENSAH: Actually fantastic. One of the good aspects is, when you get included in a family, Rob Tapert especially has gone out of his way to make me really comfortable, it’s a nice thing to recognize that you’ve been recognized, they trust your work, because they hired me without auditioning, they just put in a call and it was a choice between this and a certain cop show, and this won hands down [laughs].

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